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Welcome to the 2023 DSL Mental Performance Program

Pirates, welcome to your mental preparation program for the 2023 Summer League season. I am Dr. Hector R. Morales-Negron, Director of International Development, and your mental coach in your pocket for this season.

The purpose of this application and this program is to give you the opportunity to reach your maximum performance. This season you will be exposed, through stories, anecdotes, science summaries, and exercises, to all the basics of high mental performance that you need to create routines and processes that will provide you the best opportunity to reach your maximum talent.

Since we are talking about high performance this season, this training will also be a preparation competition during the spring camp. Each activity you participate in can collect points, and every week the leaders will be announced on the blackboard.

This is a list of the activities and opportunities and the points you can acquire:

Sunday: Read/Listen to the Message of the Week (5 points)

Sunday: Respond, through a message to your mentor, with an example of how you would apply the week's message to your career or life (5 points).

Monday: Mindfulness of Monday (5 points)

Monday: PID Live! A 20-minute session with the theme of the week. (10 points)

Monday: Give the Mentor the Activity Associated with the Course (10 Points)

Wednesday: Championship Review (10 Points)

Thursday: Mid-Week Mindfulness (5 Points)

Saturday: Championship Review (10 Points)

We are going to have fun this week as we mentally prepare to master our process and have the best season possible this year.

With you in the internal battle,

Dr Morales

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